625 KVA Leaflet

625 KVA

ModelEngineAlternatorVoltagePHFrequencyPrime RatingPower Factor625KVA2806D-E18
TAG1ALSA49.1 S4415V350HZ625/5008680.8

KVA/kW Amps


Prime Power – KW(KVA)
Load 50% 75% 100%
Liters/hr 70 102 130

EnginePrime Power RatingFuel SystemAirStandard set-mounted radiator coolingWeight*open DG SETDimensionsLengthWidthHeightTest conditionsAlternator

Engine Manufacturer Perkins UK
Engine Model 2806D-E18TAG1A
Configuration 6, Vertical In-line
Aspiration Turbo Charged and After Cooled
Gross Engine Power Output, kWm/BHP 540/724
Net Engine power output,kWm/BHP 522/700
BMEP @ rated load, kPa 2385
Displacement, L 18.1
Bore, mm 145
Stroke, mm 183
Rated Speed, rpm 1500
Piston Speed, m/s 9.0
Compression Ratio, m/s 18:1
Lube Oil Capacity Max, L 71
Lube Oil Capacity Min, L 56
Lube Oil Capacity Max, L 71
Governer Type Electronics
Starting Voltage, V-DC 24
Recommended fuel to conform to BS2869 1998 Class A1,A2
Type of injection System Direct injection
Fuel injection pump Combined unit injector
Fuel injector Combined unit injector
Delivery/hour at 1500 rev/min, L 370
Fuel lift pump pressure, kPa 621
Fuel lift pump maximum suction head, m 3.0
Fuel filter spacing, microns 10
Maximum air intake restriction of engine clean filter 3.7 KPa
Maximum air intake restriction of engine dry filter 6.2 KPa
Air filter type PAPER ELEMENT 18″ DIAMETER
Combustion Air flow, m^3 / min 40.2
Maximum back pressure for total system 7 KPa Exhaust gas temperature, after turbo,C 518 Exhaust gas flow maximum after turbo, m3/min 108.6 Ambient design, 0C 50 Fan Load, KW 9 Coolant Capacity with radiator, L 56 Engine Coolant Flow ,L/s 5.3 Cooling system air flow ,m3/sec 374 Unit dry weight kgs 5797 Unit wet weight kgs 5936 Standard open set dimensions 4000 1800 2400 Air temperature 25C Barometric pressure 30% Air inlet restriction at maximum power(nominal) 3.7 kPa Exhaust back pressure(nominal) 7.0 kPa Specification 625kVA-3ph Model LSA49.1-S4 Rated Voltage 415V Type 4 pole Exciter Type Brushless Insulation Class-H Temperature rise 125 C Enclosure Protection IP23 Bearing Single Voltage regulation ±0.5% Efficiency 94.6


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