Mahindra Powerol 500 KVA – 2506C Leaflet

625 KVA

ModelEngineAlternatorVoltagePHFrequencyPrime RatingPower FactorLP5002506C-E15TAG2

KVA/kW Amps


Prime Power – KW(KVA)
Load 50% 75% 100%
Liters/hr 53 76 100
g/Kwh 211 201 199

EnginePrime Power RatingFuel SystemAirExahustStandard set-mounted radiator coolingWeight*open DG SETDimensionsLengthWidthHeightTest conditionsAlternator

Engine Manufacturer Perkins UK
Engine Model 2506C-E15TAG2
Configuration 6, Vertical In-line
Aspiration Turbo Charged and After Cooled
Gross Engine Power Output, kWm/BHP 451/605
Net Engine power output,kWm/BHP 435/583
BMEP @ rated load, kPa 2405
Displacement, L 15.2
Bore, mm 137
Stroke, mm 171
Rated Speed, rpm 1500
Piston Speed, m/s 8
Compression Ratio, m/s 16:1
Lube Oil Capacity Max, L 53
Lube Oil Capacity Min, L 45
Governer Type Electronics
Starting Voltage, V-DC 24
Recommended fuel to conform to BS2869 1998 Class A1,A2
Type of injection System Direct injection
Fuel injection pump Combined unit injector
Fuel injector Combined unit injector
Delivery/hour at 1500 rev/min, L 413
Injector pressure/MPa 200
Fuel lift pump pressure, kPa 550
Fuel lift pump maximum suction head, m 3
Fuel filter spacing, microns 10
Maximum air intake restriction of engine clean filter 3.7 KPa
Maximum air intake restriction of engine dry filter 6.2 KPa
Air filter type Dry-paper
Combustion Air flow, m^3 / min 35.8
Maximum back pressure for total system 6.8 KPa
Exhaust gas temperature, after turbo,C 550
Exhaust gas flow maximum after turbo, m3/min 94
Ambient design, C 50
Fan Load, KW 8.8
Coolant Capacity with radiator, L 58
Engine Coolant Flow ,L/s 6.1
Cooling system air flow ,m3/sec 722
Unit wet weight kgs 5300
Standard open set dimensions 5500 2000 2235
Air temperature 25C
Barometric pressure 100kPa
Relative humidity 30%
Air inlet restriction at maximum power(nominal) 2.5 kPa
Exhaust back pressure(nominal) 3.0 kPa
Specification 500kVA-3ph
Model HCI544D1
Rated Voltage 415V
Type 4 pole
Exciter Type Brushless
Insulation Class-H
Temperature rise 125 C
Enclosure Protection IP23
Bearing Single
Voltage regulation ±0.5%
Efficiency 94.7


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